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The Magic Behind Async PHP

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Async PHP allows a massive speedup of applications by leveraging non-blocking I/O. It allows making multiple HTTP requests in parallel or any other way of I/O multiplexing. But what’s the magic behind it? How does it actually work?

An Introduction to Generators in PHP

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Generators have been added to PHP in version 5.5, yet they have received rather low attention. The PHP 5.5 migration guide introduced them as way to implement simple iterators.

Mocking Artax with PHPUnit

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Artax is an asynchronous HTTP/1.1 client built on the Amp concurrency framework. Mocking can be great to help testing, especially for testing error cases which can be hard to receive otherwise with real requests / responses.

Getting Started with Aerys

php, amphp, async, aerys

Aerys is a new kind of server which has just become open source after years of work. It’s an application server completely written in PHP and based on the Amp Concurrency Framework. If you’re not familiar with Amp yet, you may want to read my previous blog post “Getting Started with Amp” first.

Getting Started with Aerys WebSockets

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Modern web technology lets us create real time apps within the users browser. WebSockets make this communication dead simple, but traditionally, we couldn’t really write performant WebSocket apps in PHP, because of the single request / response model.

Getting Started with Amp

php, amphp, async, promises

amphp/amp is a non-blocking concurrency framework for PHP. It allows writing non-blocking asynchronous code in a performant and readable way.